Paycorp – PCI Card Vault
PCI Card Vault is an enterprise, secure storage system which allows merchants who currently store large volumes of clear text credit card numbers within their systems to continue their business process without having to dramatically change or alter their current systems in order to comply with the strict PCI regulatory standards.
The basis of the service is modelled around Paycorp’s existing processes and implementations for encrypting and storing card data.
Card Vault delivers many benefits to an organisation including:
  • Facilitate single and batch request payment processing without knowledge or visibility of a customers payment card
  • Provide powerful data manageability that is equivalent to almost any in-house secure storage solution
  • Data storage functions that allow coupled and decoupled payment processing inside and outside of Paycorp’s payment environment.
  • Simplify payments handling through the use of one single interface for payment card processing, payment card storage, Direct Entry processing and financial/banking reconciliation.
  • Payment processing flexibility  through use of functions that allow coupled and decoupled payment processing in either Paycorp’s environment or within the Merchant’s enterprise environment.
  • Further reduction of PCI DSS scope through use of Paycorp hosted customer payment channels including Web, IVR or through a custom channel.