Fraud Service
Paycorp provides advanced Fraud Detection and management through the use of Paycorp’s centralised fraud management engine.
Paycorp can offer organisations that are susceptible to payment card fraud superior risk mitigation through a variety of simple and advanced fraud screening techniques.
Fraud Manager delivers quantifiable benefits including:
  • Minimisation of fraud occurrences from payment card processing.
  • Ability to fine tune detection whilst minimizing false positives through use of an Intelligent rules based approach combined with advanced AI techniques.
  • Capability of real-time interception and rejection of payment transactions prior to submission with banking acquirer.
  • Risk score based approach allowing transactions to be processed and flagged  for further follow-up.
  • An ability to customize and enhance rule sets to meet enterprise customer evolving need.
  • Rapid cost return on investement.
Fraud Manager employs a workflow approach with 4 key steps