WSI - Enterprise  
Paycorp's Web Service Interface (WSI) is an open source (JAVA, .NET) common interface that has been designed to support interoperable transactional messaging over a secure HTTPS network. The WSI enables transaction messages of any type to be submitted using HTTPS protocols; seamlessly into the Paycorp Payment System. 
By utilising the modular plug in design of the Paycorp Payment System, payment instructions received from the WSI via XML are translated/transformed into any bank or scheme message standard/file format and dynamically switched between payment types and banks. 
Large scale enterprise level merchants are now able to access the WSI and process a variety of file types including; Batch file processing (Credit Card and Direct Entry) and prioritised real-time credit card processing from any channel including IVR and Web.
Some of the benefits and features included:
  • Supports both credit and direct entry batch files in one message format.
  • Open standards interface allows rapid integration whilst maintaining independence  specific development languages or platform.
  • Advanced reporting allows your system to query Paycorp transaction databases via web service call for both real-time and batch transaction results.
  • Intelligent queuing is a priority based message queuing mechanism enhances throughput. (i.e. real-time messages receive a higher priority over batch messages).
  • Dynamic routing – ability automatically switch acquirer links based on merchant configuration.